Personalised Video Is Here

and it’s simpler than you thought

Personalised video is easy to overlook as an option
because it’s assumed to be cost prohibitive or too technically difficult to be viable at scale.

iLiveIt's technology makes it cost-effective to produce videos that change information, images and messages automatically from one customer to another, to maximise their relevance and appeal to recipients.

At iLiveIt, we create, compose and render millions of personalised animated videos and deliver them securely through a broad spectrum of channels, including MMS, for clients in the telco, insurance, banking, retail and other sectors.

Personalisation can take place at any point in the video
and is made possible in numerous ways.

video audio personalisation

Audio Track

Personalise keywords, phrases or whole sentences

video slideshow personalisation


Change the information displayed on graphics

video word-art personalisation

Moving Word-Art

Bring personalised words to life in animated forms

video storyboard personalisation


Change the flow of the story from one recipient to another

video interactive personalisation


Recipients are able to interact with with the video by clicking on certain points.


Super-Compressed, Super Fast

Our advanced compression technology reduces the size of 30 seconds or even 60-second animated videos down to under 300 KB

Numerous And Flexible Video-Production Options

We offer flexible video production options including these two standard approaches:

Full-Service Video Production

We’ll take a brief, and a copy of your brand or corporate identity guidelines and develop your personalised videos from idea through storyboard to production and deployment.

Technical Support

You work directly with your advertising agency or other marketing service provider to produce all the components needed to deploy a personalised video campaign, and we’ll do the rest. We can help brief your advertising agency on what they’ll need to produce to enable personalisation at scale.

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