Our Vision

To be internationally recognised as the world’s smartest Customer Communication Management and Experiences platform & solutions provider.

Our Mission

To make a meaningful difference in the way enterprises use customer data to create, manage and deliver hyper-personalised communications and experiences for their customers at scale.

If virtually every business textbook and leadership guru agree on one thing it is that, in most cases, it is more cost effective for enterprises to retain and do more business with existing customers than it is to acquire new ones.

This is as true today as it always has been, if not more so.

Now more than ever, businesses have the potential to engage customers with unprecedented levels of insight into their individual wants, needs and circumstances using historical, real-time and contextual customer data.

Turning data into personalised customer experiences at scale is a daunting and complex undertaking, not least because it involves personalising a diverse range of on- and offline touchpoints for millions of customers simultaneously and economically.

iLiveIt offers trailblazing suite of technology, services and solutions designed to personalise communication touch-points in virtually any form or channel cost-efficiently at scale.

Our flexible engagement model and end-to-end capability is a simple and effective way to raise the value your communication programmes deliver to customers, as well as the value your business receives back in return.

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Our Core Company Values

  • about client focussed

    We Are Client-focussed Team Players

    Our first duty is to contribute to our clients’ success. In pursuit of that goal, we seek to understand before seeking to be understood, embrace collaboration, communicate proactively and with candour and earn our clients’ respect for making high-value contributions.

  • about energised

    We Are Passionate and Energised

    We work hard and with dedication to create a better future for ourselves, our clients, our employees and our business partners. We offer a positive, can-do attitude, think big, move fast, bring positive energy to teams and are always on the lookout for better ways.

  • about pioneering

    We Are Pioneering Thinker-Doers

    As forward-looking and imaginative problem-solvers, we cherish opportunities break new ground and make blue sky ideas a reality. We design practical solutions to complex problems, deploy cutting-edge solutions, maintain focus to the end and attend to details along the way.

  • about secure

    We Are Secure, Trustworthy and Dependable

    Our clients and other stakeholders can have absolute confidence in our professionalism and compliance with world-class business principles, practices and governance. We operate with honesty and integrity and are accountable for delivering on our promises.

  • about evidence

    We Are Evidence-Based

    While we believe in creativity and inspiration, we also believe in data and science. Our result-driven approach is focussed on outcomes, values evidenced-based decisions making and favours experience and testing over guesswork and hope.

Our philosophy is that personalisation should
create value for both the sender and the receiver.

For customers, personalisation means more relevant and timely communication, time-savers, helpful information or ideas and value-adding offers.

For businesses, personalised customer experiences provide pathways to increased customer satisfaction, improved customer retention and revenue growth by sharing appropriate opportunities to buy (including cross-selling and up-selling).

It’s this mutually rewarding value exchange that makes personalised communications at scale a win-win for both enterprises and their customers.

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