Personalised MMS

Campaigns at Scale

While smartphone users are well accustomed to sending photographs and other images, videos, audio clips and animations by MMS, many marketers overlook the added-value of MMS as a mass-communication channel.

MMS messaging today is an ideal way to send disruptive and rewarding personalised content to your customers and provide unexpected personalised experiences.

Sample MMS Touch-Points

There are countless ways to create rewarding personalised MMS experiences.
Here are just three examples:

  • mms insurance




    Renewal Notice


    Personalised policy and enhancement options based on customer profile

  • mms banking




    Monthly Statement


    Personalised statement options and assistance functions for customers

  • mms telco




    Monthly Invoice


    Individualised plan and optimisation and personalised payment options

MMS & Failover Planning

There are times when it’s virtually impossible for companies to send even essential MMS messages to customers, such as when the customer has failed to advise of a phone number change.

To cater for this, it can be helpful to ask customers to express their personal preferences for a “Plan B” or even “Plan C”. At iLiveIt, we call this Failover Planning, and it works like this:

mms failover plan

In our experience, establishing Failover plans can play a significant role in ensuring that customers do not miss important updates, messages and calls-to-action.

All too often Failover Planning is over-looked entirely because the different channels involved are managed by different marketing service providers or other vendors (for example, one vendor providing email services, another giving SMS services, and no vendor appointed to deliver rich-media MMS campaigns). This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to set up an automated system of failovers at scale.

iLiveIt, on the other hand, can link and integrate multiple communications channels on a single, end-to-end technology platform, so failover sequencing can adapt and run automatically based on the channel preferences of different customers and the delivery results achieved.

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