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The Future Of Hyper-Personalised Customer Contact At Scale

An Advanced Portfolio of Technology, Services and Solutions
for Personalised Customer Contact at Scale

  • Now more than ever, customers expect companies to value their loyalty, recognise them as individuals, be cognizant of their personal needs, understand their preferences, and send them only the most appropriate and relevant content, information or offers.

    They also want to be contacted at just the right time via their choice of digital, mobile or print channel and given fresh, engaging, user-friendly and helpful experiences.

  • For large enterprises, with millions of customers, this can be a complex if not daunting task to undertake at scale.

    iLiveIt solves this problem.

    Our smart software, solutions and services provide a turnkey, end-to-end, all-in-one resource that adapts to the needs of your business making hyper-personalisation at scale simpler and more affordable.

A Turnkey, End-To-End, All-In-One Resource
With Enabling Software, Solutions & Services

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Discovery & Planning 1 Data Preparation 2 TouchpointDesign,Creation &Management 3 Omni-Channel Delivery 4 Tracking &Reporting 5 STRATEGYDESIGNSERVICES PERFORMANCEREPORTSERVICES EXPERIENCETRACKERPORTAL OMNI-CHANNELDELIVERY HUB DATAPREPARATIONSUITE TOUCHPOINTDESIGNSERVICE TOUCHPOINTCREATIONSUITE ARTIFACTMANAGER We help you establish an action planthat reflects your business agenda, datacapabilities and future goals. On going tracking or one-off reports caneasily be designed and made availableon-demand or as needed. Easy-to-use portal gives authorizedcall-centre/technical staff rapid accessto any touchpoint or Audit Log record. Channel-agnostic/seamless deliveryvia email, MMS, SMS, In-App,messenger-bots, USSD or AFP files. Data verification/cleaning, data loadingand mapping, secure encrypted storage,‘single-source of data-truth’. Experienced, specialist creative skillsto design personalised touchpoints forany channel, format or device. Proprietary software dynamically andrapidly produces millions of highqualityhyper-personalized touchpoints. Super-efficient storage and archivingfor every individual personalizedtouchpoint created and sent.

All Together Now
Streamline Your Systems and Vendors With Our All-In-One Platform

Seamless Cross-Channel Integration

A true omni-channel resource able to design, produce, manage and deliver communications for virtually any device, channel or format at scale.

technology cross channel integration

Multi-Channel Failover Planning

  • Contact customers via their preferred channel in device-responsive formats.
  • If the first message fails - e.g., because a recipient closed their email account without informing you - automatically send an alternative (e.g., a rich-SMS or MMS).
  • Automatically notify your call centre if multiple channels are not read by a customer on vital correspondence.
technology failover planning

Simply Exceptional Compression & Speed

Unique rendering and compression packs high-quality, personalised videos and pdfs into tiny file sizes - often over 100 times smaller than the master - so that they:

  • Can be mass produced at scale rapidly
  • Are lightening-quick to send at scale
  • Are fast to upload for seamless CX
  • Use less data for sender and receiver
  • Save space and money on archiving
  • Retain great quality while being small
technology compression and speed

It’s All About You

iLiveIt is the CMM platform that adapts to your business

Our technology was designed and built from day one for any format, channel or device and to adjust with ease to the needs of different clients.

We have grown in size and capability with proprietary software rather than by buying other companies’ and bolting modules together, which can result in clunky, sub-optimal and inflexible systems.

Simple, Fast

technology onboarding

No Mind-Numbing
Integration Projects


Agile & Flexible
to Use

technology flexible

No Budget-Busting
Set-Up Costs

technology budget

Rule-based Intelligence
Applies your business rules in real time and self-optimises for continuous improvement.

Centralised Document & Communication Management

Our Experience-tracker Portal lets your customer contact centre staff retrieve correspondence records quickly and easily in their original form and format.

Helping customer-facing employees experience what their customers experienced leads to improved service and enhances customer satisfaction.

The iLiveIt platform also enables customer-facing employees to record the nature and details of person-to-person interactions with customers, combining records of human interactions and all other correspondence in a single, all-one-one and simple-to-use resource.

Smart Archiving & Artefact Retrieval

iLiveIt’s unique rendering and compression software radically reduces file sizes so that companies can pack more artefacts in less space. Technical staff can view on demand our comprehensive and up to date Audit Log.

technology servers
technology tried and tested

#Tried, #Tested, #Proven

Launched in South Africa in 2011 - and already the country’s leading Customer Communications Management & Experiences provider - iLiveIt has delivered over 700 million personalised touchpoints on behalf of its clients, and recently began its international expansion by launching an office on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

Our services are proven with leading large enterprises in South Africa, many of whom have retained us as their premier Customer Communications Management provider for years. (References available.)

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