Personalised HTML Campaigns

Fully responsive and rich in personal content

HyperText Markup Language or ‘HTML’ is a programming language that can be used to create websites, emailers and more.

At iLiveIt, we appreciate that the evolution of HTML will enable us to meet the changing demands of a growing Internet audience and we constantly strive to keep ahead of the latest design trends, language mark-up and encryption developments.

Our Broad HTML Capabilities
Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Creation of fully responsive personalised web-landing pages.
  • Enable customers to transition effortlessly and quickly from emails, MMS, SMS or other online touchpoints to unique, informative and entertaining content curated/composed just for them.
  • Compose millions of responsive, personalised web pages dynamically, simply and affordably at scale.
  • Add personalised videos, offers and content.
  • Add shop-now/e-commerce capabilities.
  • Generate read receipt reports and other tracking data.
  • Hosted on AWS with encrypted security and One Time Password protection.

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Hyper-Personalised HTML Communication

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