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Customer Communications and Experience at Scale

iLiveIt is a trailblazing suite of technology, services and solutions designed to personalise communication touch-points in virtually any form or channel cost-efficiently at scale.

Our flexible engagement model and end-to-end capability is a simple and effective way to raise the value your communication programmes deliver to customers, as well as the value your business receives back in return.

A Single, Integrated Engine
for all Digital, Mobile & Postal Communication

Whether you are in the early stages of digital migration or taking your omni-channel capabilities to the next level, the iLiveIt Personalised Communication Engine is your partner for delivering timely, relevant and compelling information and offers to your customers through any channel, in any form, on any device.

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Personalisation Turns Routine Correspondence
into Sales-Generation Events

Personalisation turns onboarding processes, statements, bills, notices and renewal reminders and other mundane correspondence into opportunities to offer customers alternative or additional products and services that perfectly match their individual circumstances, behaviours and preferences.

This is achieved by personalising document content and providing additional messages and offers – customised using historical, real-time or contextual data - in powerful and unexpected forms, such as personalised videos sent cost-efficiently by any channel.

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Personalisation and touch-point composition is achieved dynamically, and all leads generated are easily integrated with your existing Customer Value Management (CVM) and Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems.

Maximise your Customers' Satisfaction and Advocacy

Finally, a way to communicate with customers using the formats they like and channels they prefer, optimised for the devices that they own and use. What better way to raise your Net Promoter Score?

Leapfrog To Advanced Capabilities

Accelerate your digital-migration from out-of-date systems and paper processes to a secure, flexible, automated and data-driven platform that unleashes the potential of advanced digital technologies to strengthen customer loyalty and grow your business.

Proven in South Africa, Rolling Out Globally

The iLiveIt Platform was created by a team of developers and business executives in South Africa where it is already enabling leading large enterprise telcos, insurers and retailers to create and deploy personalised digital touch-points at scale simply, securely and economically.

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The iLiveIt Platform is build on and managed using world class security principles and practices

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