It’s one thing to begin an email with a personalised salutation; it’s quite another to send millions of emails that personalise messages, images, information, hyperlinks and other content dynamically from one customer to another using insight captured your data files. iLiveIt is your on-ramp to mass personalised email correspondence.

email interactive elements

Add Interactive

  • Drop-down menus for personalised information

  • Pre-populated forms

email personalised content


  • Use Usage, Billing or Other Data to trigger personalisation

  • Personalise millions of Emails automatically, simultaneously

email secure systems


  • Custom encrypted

  • Encrypted interactive

email compatible

With All Devices

  • Adaptive design & rendering

  • Display correctly on any screen

email affordable

Fast &

  • Optimised to be data-light

  • Open & load quickly

  • Cost efficient

Turn Routine Reminders, Statements and Invoices Into Moments Of Value

Every day, millions of people receive all manner of account statements, membership updates, repeat-purchase receipts, renewal reminders and invoices by email.

Most of them go out in generic, standardised and inflexible formats with one-size-fits-all promotions for this month’s special offer or no sales messages at all. No wonder so few emails are opened.

Our technology helps you personalise email content such as promotional messages and offers so that your content has greater relevance and drives more leads.

At iLiveIt, we see these regular and routine touch-points as ideal opportunities to deliver value to customers by providing the most relevant and attractive information and offers possible and differentiated experiences that customers value.

Our systems also continuously learn from past campaigns and reapply insights to help you achieve the best possible results and stay ahead of the curve, technically and creatively.

email messages

Hyper-personalised emails can help you

  • Inform and

    email inform

    Help customers better understand their statements and provide customised insights into what drives their bills.

  • Assist and

    email assist

    Share the information that matters most to each customer rather than using generic one-size-fits-all forms.

  • Create Differentiated

    email experiences

    Create personalised videos that educate and sell or give customers the opportunity to design their own statement layout.

  • Sales

    email sales

    Promote products and services or alternative packages that better suit the customer’s habits and practices.

  • In-email pay-now functionality
  • Dramatically shorten payment times
  • Easier, more convenient - popular with time-starved customers
  • Display personalised statement & invoice summaries in the Email
  • Provide quick access links to a full archive of statements and transaction records
  • Educate, explain or promote using videos that adapt to each customer's profile and context
  • Hyperlink from eMails to streaming videos through platforms that operate and report-back seamlessly
  • Turn routine touch-points into moments that drive revenue and are valued by customers
  • Push direct to mobile
  • Make traditional PDF’s work harder and deliver relevant, valued messages to customers
  • Generate sales leads

Email & Failover Planning

There are times when it’s virtually impossible for companies to send even essential emails to customers, such as when the customer has failed to advise of an email address change, or when the customers’ email system is down.

To cater for this, it can be helpful to ask customers to express their personal preferences for a “Plan B” or even “Plan C”. At iLiveIt, we call this Failover Planning, and it works like this:

email failover

In our experience, establishing Failover plans can play a significant role in ensuring that customers do not miss important updates, messages and calls-to-action.

All too often Failover Planning is over-looked entirely because the different channels involved are managed by different marketing service providers or other vendors (for example, one vendor providing Email services, another giving SMS services, and no vendor appointed to deliver rich-media MMS campaigns). This makes it difficult if not impossible to set up an automated system of failovers at scale.

iLiveIt, on the other hand, can link and integrate multiple communications channels on a single, end-to-end technology platform, so failover sequencing can adapt and run automatically based on the channel preferences of different customers and the delivery results achieved.

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